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Can You Do IV Therapy at Home?

Achieving your optimal wellness goals requires hard work, dedication and a desire to be better than you were yesterday. When it comes to IV therapy in Calgary, the treatment is only part of a complete wellness regime, but it is nonetheless an important part. 


As IV therapy in Calgary can help you relieve stress, regain nutrients and feel more “whole”, the benefits are plain to see. Still, perhaps all these benefits work against the treatment, as more often than not, we are asked, “can you do IV therapy at home?” Today, we answer this question.


Why You Shouldn’t Do IV Therapy in Calgary at Home



Professionalism is perhaps the most important reason for conducting IV therapy in Calgary with a trained professional. Professionalism means having a person who can answer questions about the treatment, offer advice and monitor changes over time. It also means training and education that informs decisions so that there is a basis of understanding from the outset.

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Material Quality

The quality of the materials you can get at home is, at best, questionable. When you work with a naturopathic clinic that knows what to look for in the IV drip, you choose safety over satisfaction. Plus, you can better augment the contents of the treatment for your individual needs.



Finally, IV therapy should not be done at home because of a lack of experience. Sterilizing and injecting procedures are not wise to try without experience and training and could lead to significant issues afterward. 


Where to Do Your IV Therapy


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