Sports Massage Therapy

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Sports Massage Therapy

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary
Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

About Sports Massage in Calgary

One of the best ways to relieve tension and pain from a sports-related injury is through our sports massage in Calgary. Our Registered Massage Therapists provide long-lasting relief, and our facilities have everything you need to achieve optimal wellness. Our amenities include comfortable massage tables, massage oils, aromatherapy, hot stones, and more. If you’re looking for a more calming experience, ask us about a relaxation massage in Calgary. Experience better overall health with The Inner Wellness.

Our Massage Therapy Services

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Natural Healing

Our Reiki Masters specializes in natural healing by stimulating the energy present in every person to relieve tension and promote profound wellness and lasting health.

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Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage

The pregnant body requires a firm yet gentle hand. Thankfully, our massage therapists know how to maximize comfort, eliminate pain, and keep you and your baby safe.

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If you don't struggle with severe muscle tension, a deep tissue massage may be too much. Relaxation massages allow you to de-stress and enjoy the relaxing sensation.

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Sports Massage

The perfect way to relieve tension from overused muscle groups, our sports massage can affect real healing in muscles, joints and tendons.

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Hot Stone Massage

Our hot stone massage uses the power of warm stones to loosen muscles and relieve tension gently. They can be added to any other massage technique.

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Cupping Therapy

The perfect technique for relieving stubborn stress areas, or revitalizing your body’s natural energy — try cupping therapy in Calgary today!

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Is Sports Massage For Me?

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Why Sports Massage?

Experienced Therapists

Our Registered Massage Therapists have experience in several therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques. Plus, with our focus on natural healing, we can further promote effective healing methods.

Support Health

Our sports massage supports your returning health through relief and continuous improvement. We understand the health process is not immediate, and give you the appropriate time to heal at your own pace.

Regain Balance

We can provide effective relief and support for your balance-related issues, both in mind as well as in spirit. Through sports massage in Calgary, we can craft a comprehensive strategy for lasting wellness.

Restore Harmony

The purpose of restoring inner harmony is to give you a fresh and reinvigorating outlook on your life. We accomplish this goal through holistic treatment, powerful healing techniques and much more.

The Evolution of Sports Massage

If you live an active lifestyle, you already know how easy it is to pull a muscle or overexert yourself. Massage is one of the best ways to alleviate these symptoms. Over the last 100 years, sports massage has become a particular field of study, tracing its origins to Australia, Finland, and Russia. However, the practice has become especially popular over the last 20 years. More and more professional and amateur athletes depend on massage to provide the relief to continue participating in the sports they love.  

What Our Customers Say

The Healing Process

We believe that sports massage in Calgary is an effective treatment with proven results for healing your injuries or strains. However, a holistic strategy is often necessary to cure the underlying problems that may be the root cause of your ails. As a result, our diverse staff of acupuncture, naturopathy, Reiki and Calgary cupping therapy practitioners provide paths to guide you to a stronger and more impactful way of living.


Indeed. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and would be happy to share recommendations for our best version of your wellness. 

We offer sports massage for anyone who has an activity-related injury and wishes to reduce painful symptoms. If you want to reduce these factors in your own body, you may benefit from a sports massage.

Typically, the purpose of the massage is to treat an area that is already negatively affected. Therefore, you may experience pain or tense sensations, but communication is key to your treatment’s overall success.

Typically, we recommend sports massage appointments at regular intervals, as this will positively affect the healing.