Reinvigorate Your Body
Through Relaxation Massage

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Reinvigorate Your Body
Through Relaxation Massage

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary
Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Mind, Body & Soul Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage in Calgary allows you to experience the value of working your muscles and body in a new way that promotes natural healing, blood flow, positive body movement, and more. A relaxation massage is a perfect way for anyone to relax, male or female, young or old. If you want a genuinely positive experience, call our clinic to book an appointment. If you’re an expecting mother, you may want to try a prenatal massage instead. Regardless of your situation, we believe everyone should experience a calming and soothing relaxation massage. 

Our Massage Therapy Services

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Natural Healing

Our Reiki Masters specializes in natural healing by stimulating the energy present in every person to relieve tension and promote profound wellness and lasting health.

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage

The pregnant body requires a firm yet gentle hand. Thankfully, our massage therapists know how to maximize comfort, eliminate pain, and keep you and your baby safe.

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary


If you don't struggle with severe muscle tension, a deep tissue massage may be too much. Relaxation massages allow you to de-stress and enjoy the relaxing sensation.

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Sports Massage

The perfect way to relieve tension from overused muscle groups, our sports massage can affect real healing in muscles, joints and tendons.

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Hot Stone Massage

Our hot stone massage uses the power of warm stones to loosen muscles and relieve tension gently. They can be added to any other massage technique.

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Cupping Therapy

The perfect technique for relieving stubborn stress areas, or revitalizing your body’s natural energy — try cupping therapy in Calgary today!

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Is a Relaxation Massage For Me?

Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Why Relaxation Massage?

Experienced Therapists

Registered Massage Therapists train in multiple healing techniques and the human body's natural flow to positively affect all areas of the body. This allows them to treat areas such as circulation, blood pressure, sore joints and much more.

Support Health

Our relaxation massage services support your health through stress relief and pain alleviation. Our approach to wellness is comprehensive, and we'll support your health in any way we can.

Clean Facilities

We pride ourselves in offering facilities that provide stable, comfortable massage beds, non-oily lotions, towels, cushions and everything else you need to experience true serenity.

Restore Harmony

The purpose of restoring inner harmony is to give you a fresh and reinvigorating outlook on your life. We accomplish this goal through holistic treatment, powerful healing techniques and much more.

About Relaxation Massage

Throughout history, almost all civilizations have used a form of massage in their cultural behaviour, and with varying levels of acceptance and availability. Today, a relaxation massage in Calgary provides relief for all types of people, from office workers and business executives to retail workers, industrial labourers, and everyone in between. 

What Our Customers Say

Our Method & Approach

We believe that relaxing, full-body massages in Calgary should be a memorable and enjoyable experience every single time. We accomplish this goal by collecting talented and diverse staff with specializations in naturopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, Reiki and homeopathy in Calgary. Each of these skills creates a holistic experience that provides deep relief and soothing healing for our valued clients.


The purpose of the appointment is to relax. We take this seriously and will do everything we can to guarantee your comfort. Be sure to communicate with your massage therapist during your massage.

We offer relaxation massages for anyone who wants to feel less stress. Plus, they are effective for increasing blood flow and releasing tension.

You can choose the frequency of your visits. Many people enjoy routine visits, but others prefer to come only when they feel sharp or distinct pain.

Yes! Simply bring up your interest with your Registered Massage Therapist, and they can refer you to one of our other qualified experts for more information.