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Your Road to Recovery
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Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in treating injury so you can get back on the road to recovery faster.

Your Road to Recovery
Starts Here

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in treating injury so you can get back on the road to recovery faster.
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Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Inner Wellness Holistic Clinic is changing the game of rehabilitation. We believe that our clients should be the ones in charge of their own recovery. Our active rehabilitation program provides a personalized experience for each and every one of our clients. Active Rehabilitation is a more client-involved approach to treating injury and our unique program is tailored specifically for your injury, history, and current abilities. We are here to help you recover quickly and safely so you can get back to living life and doing what you love.

Physiotherapy in South Calgary

Inner Wellness is the south Calgary Physiotherapy clinic that offers pain relief and injury recovery services. We take care of everyday Calgarians and are the choice of many victims of auto accidents. We’ve helped countless Calgarians get back to their lives after accidents or injuries. Our team is passionate about restoring function and getting you back to your everyday routine as quickly as possible.

Pain? Stiffness? Tingling? If you’re not getting better -

At Inner Wellness, we believe that in order to fix an injury, you first need to know what you’re fixing. Our highly educated physiotherapists have years of clinical experience and use the latest techniques and skills to get you back on your feet. With our combination of expertise and care, we’ll help you find relief from pain and get back to living life to the fullest.

Meet Your Physiotherapist

Merlin Susan Philip, PT

Meet Your Physiotherapist

Merlin Susan Philip is a Registered Physiotherapist with Physiotherapy Alberta and have been practicing Physiotherapy in Canada since 2015 she has worked at a couple of clinical settings providing care for clients and before that working as Therapy or Recreation Assistant.

Merlin keeps upgrading with  various advanced techniques in  Physiotherapy and is currently certified with  Physiotherapy Alberta for administering Dry Needling and is a Certified Manual Therapist. She is also certified in Peripheral Manipulative Therapy, Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation, Graston Technique M1 trained, Part-A McKenzie, Shockwave trained and takes various other courses from time to time and keep herself at pace with the  latest in the Physiotherapy realm.

Merlin always makes sure to offer an individualized and personal assessment to provide the best treatment based on  each patient’s evaluation. Based on this initial  assessment, she then develops rehab/exercise programs aimed at remedying the client’s problems and helping them  back to be on track to lead a healthy life over the time. She is always willing to answer any questions the client has regarding their case or rehabilitation plans at anytime.

Merlin speaks and understand English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Urdu. In her free times she loves to sing, gardening and spending time with her son & family.

What Our Clients Say


Active rehabilitation involves YOU during your treatment sessions. It means using an exercise and movement based approach in your recovery and healing journey, that not only is able to reduce pain, but builds strength and resiliency. We believe that while the hands on treatments can feel great, to ultimately thrive and be in a position of injury PREVENTION, active rehabilitation is a key component of the rehabilitation and general well-being.

We focus on understanding YOU as the patient, but also anything in your life that you feel is stopping you from moving the way you desire to! Whether recovering from an injury, surgery, and illness (Long Covid even!) A physiotherapist will use different modalities and frameworks, and build a therapeutic relationship with a patient to help guide them out of pain and suffering, and into a place of movement and healing.

When recovering from injury, you will likely be taken care of by a whole team, which can include a doctor, a pharmacist, your family and friends, and that team might also include a physiotherapist. Physios have the unique ability to; TAKE THE TIME to understand your injury and limitations associated with it, the expertise and knowledge base to understand the anatomical and physiological changes, and the empathy and compassion to reassure and support you through your healing journey. Rehabilitation is the process, and physio is a tool–and a friend–that can help you along the way.

Similar to above, therapy is multifaceted and requires a team, let a physio help you along in that journey!

According to the Health Professions Act of Alberta, to practice as a physiotherapist or physiotherapy resident, one must have the appropriate certification through a Bachelors or Master’s degree of Physical Therapy, and have passed a written competency exam.

The first appointment is 1 hour long to allow for an in-depth understanding of who you are, your injury or ailment, and how to best move forward through your healing journey. Subsequent visits are 30 minutes long, where we can progress current active movements or exercises, revisit painful areas, and provide next steps until the next visit.

This will depend on what it is you’re recovering from! Sometimes, things can be more complex than we initially imagine them to be, in which case, it’s a good idea to get professional opinions on how the course of treatments will look like. Sometimes it’s teaming up with different health professionals…and sometimes, it’s simply providing tools to continue with your personal healing journey!

This tends to be determined on a case by case basis. It’s most effective to attend physio 1-2 weeks for the first week or two. In some cases, more appointments may be necessary to manage an acute injury, and in other cases, appointments would be better managed by being spread out to every other week.

Something light and easy to move in. If there is a particular spot that we need to work on more (ie., your knee), please wear something in which the knee can be exposed for assessment and treatment.

Absolutely, we do direct billing at this clinic.

Yes! In fact it can be incredibly effective to have a massage to work out anything that feels a bit tense or sore, so that physio can spend the time to work on movement patterning, strengthening and other aspects of active rehabilitation.

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