What is a Holistic Approach to Medicine?

When it comes to professions like naturopathic doctors in Calgary, Reiki practitioners and other holistic medicine treatments, there is a lot of misunderstanding. Many people find real value in these services, and more than any individual treatment, individuals often find power in the holistic approach.

To understand the holistic experience provided by Calgary naturopathic doctors and other professionals in the field, it is first necessary to explore the individual parts of the approach, which include:

  • The Mind
  • The Body
  • The Spirit 

Each of these plays a profoundly important role in our health, but how?

The Parts

The Mind

The mind tells us how we feel. When someone speaks, it is our mind that tells us whether we like what they are saying or not. If we injure ourselves, it is our mind that dismisses or focuses on the pain. Naturopathic doctors in Calgary attempt to influence the mind through altering the body.

The Body

The body reacts to the mind. And not just in the “electrical signals from the brain to the nerve” way. We often dismiss the Placebo Effect because it is all in our minds, but interestingly, that produces a sort of cognitive dissonance, wherein we don’t acknowledge the actual physiological power that this causes.

The Spirit

Our spirit observes the body and mind. It is our spirit that tells us to act rationally when we want to rage. Our spirit is what tells the body and mind to keep walking, lifting or trying, when they scream for release. The spirit reconciles our intelligence with our emotion. This lets us acknowledge that we feel better when we pull blankets over our feverish bodies even though we know that it’s already pretty hot.


The Whole

Together, the Mind, Body and Spirit form the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. This connection allows us to objectively observe our health, note changes or concerns, and act on them through whichever method we see most applicable. For some, visiting a naturopathic clinic satisfies all three of the parts and provides a path to wellness. 

For others, a combination of exercise, healthy diet and social activity are enough to feel a sense of wellness. Ultimately, the most important part of holistic medicine is taking into account all the factors of your being and approaching your treatment from a single unified position that takes into account many different factors, opinions, experiences and expert advice. 

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