How Reiki Works: Part 2

In our previous article, we started to look at what Calgary Reiki really was. First, we established life energy as an ever-present force that produced life and maintained harmony between positive and negative structures in the universe. Next, we examined the effect that this energy has on our lives, and finally, the routes of travel that it takes through the human body.

Today we will examine the system of our auras and finally dig into the mysteries of Reiki. How do practitioners become, and what gives them power over such fundamental energies?

What is aura?

You may have heard of this concept in the past, but the aura is the complete energy field surrounding our body. Learned healers and mystics throughout history have been able to see auras, and many rituals, traditions and superstitions are founded on the idea of cleansing this field. 

A common misconception with auras is that they only extend around you, like a shield or bubble. But it is more accurate to say that they exist within your space. Much like your shadow, neither you nor your energy can exist without the other. Practitioners of Reiki in Calgary manipulate your energy through an intergenerational technique.


Who Is a Reiki Practitioner?

Not everyone can practice Reiki. It requires a strong spirit, dedication and the aid of a Reiki master. Only through learning with a master can students fully grasp the art’s concepts and how to apply them in the proper ways. This may require over 1,000 hours of study, and even more time spent practicing the healing art. 

One of the chief reasons that this process must involve a master and such intense dedication is because there is an actual transference of energy. A positive energy, passed down for generations, flows between teacher and student, slowly infusing in the junior over time. This well of positive energy is the underlying source of power for Reiki sessions.

How Calgary Reiki Affects Your Aura

So, how do these professionals manipulate the energy in your body? Well, they don’t really. Perhaps a visual example is the best way to give understanding.

Imagine that your soul/centre/energy source is a physical space full of water. When your body is in balance, the water stands completely still, in harmony and equality with its surroundings. Now imagine that there is turbulence in the water from a spinning vortex or other negative sources of chaotic energy. 

Instead of a calm and peaceful inner wellness, your water is disrupted, out of balance. A Reiki practitioner will enter your water and become a part of the natural current underneath the turbulence. By drifting in harmony with your inner turmoil, they are able to find the source of chaos within your soul and infuse it with positive energy. By infusing enough energy, they can undo the sloshing and malcontent in your being, allowing you to begin the process of true healing.

Experience Healing Energy Today

Now that you have learned about Reiki, it is time for you to try the experience for yourself. Contact Inner Wellness today for effective spiritual healing of your natural energy.

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