Although acupuncture in Calgary already holds a certain amount of holistic appeal and mystical mystery, it is not without actual, verifiable roots. In fact, the history of acupuncture is long and winding, much like the path of any energy travelling through our bodies and the rest of the living world.


Let’s look at the chronological basis for acupuncture in Calgary. But to get there, we need to start with where it first began.


The Chronology of Acupuncture



There is evidence to suggest Calgary acupuncture began this far in the past. Implements for piercing the skin have been found from this time period, but there is no proof that acupuncture was the purpose of the tool. Critics have suggested that they were used for lancing or piercing the skin instead.



Again, future finds shed light on past probabilities. In 1991, a man from this era was found frozen in ice. When he was discovered by researchers, many surmised the 61 distinct tattoos covering his body were actually indications of acupuncture meridians. They matched up very closely with modern diagrams and they were particularly focused on the lower back. Researchers have confirmed that the man suffered from back issues!


Young woman at the acupuncture treatmentYoung woman at the acupuncture treatment


Still, as close as the resemblance is, there is no direct link between the man and acupuncture in Calgary. Although it is likely that whatever treatment the man was undergoing had some similarities with the modern understanding.



The first piece of evidence that dates acupuncture comes from this time period. An oft-cited book, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, is the source of such claims. It is named after Huang Ti (Huang Ti Nei Ching), who was the third of five legendary emperors in China, and ruled between 2696 and 2596 B.C.



The latin account of Japanese medicine by Dr. Englebert Kaempfer published in this year is responsible for introducing Europe to acupuncture. This event is responsible for spreading acupuncture to Calgary, but more notably for spreading it out of China and Japan. The french began using the practice in earnest; though the text was translated in multiple languages. 


Early 1820s

The french had produced several books on acupuncture by this time, and around this time American medical journals began to report on the subject. And so it spread to the west, where over time it would steadily increase and decrease in popularity before eventually coming to be accepted as a form of medicine.


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